Pain Free Feet

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Foot Problems

Chiropodists treat a wide variety of foot problems as well as lower leg problems affected by the foot. Chiropodists also treat many foot problems that are caused by systemic problems such as diabetes.

What is your foot problem?

Complaint Cause
I have thick painful skin on the bottom of my feet Corn or callus
I have an area of  skin that looks like a califlower Plantar  wart
I have redness and burning between my toes Athletes foot
I don’t wear sandals because of my thick yellow nails Fungal nail
I have pain in my nail groove when I wear shoes Ingrown nail
My heels hurt when get up in the morning Plantar fasciitis
I have painful arches when I walk Flat feet
My big toe joint hurts Bunion
My toes don’t look straight Hammer toes
I have numbness or burning in the ball of the foot Neuroma
Are flat feet the cause of my leg pain after I run? Shin splints
Are flat feet the cause of my knee cap pain after activity? Patello femoral syndrome