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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Foot Orthotics

Why are custom foot orthotics so expensive?

The fee for custom foot orthotics represents an overall case fee that includes the following items:

  1. A history of your presenting problem.
  2. A physical examination to evaluate the presence of problematic foot and lower leg bony alignments and joint range of motions.
  3. A gait analysis to evaluate the way you walk and the effect on your feet and lower extremity.
  4. Your feet will be casted to provide a model of your feet captured in position where they provide the most stability.
  5. The casts of your feet are prepared by applying plaster strips to your feet.
  6. When the plaster hardens the 3 dimensional cast models are removed from your feet.
  7. A written prescription of the features required for your custom foot orthotic to address your problems.
  8. The information gathered from the parts of your evaluation will be used to build the custom foot orthotic that best suits your occupational, leisure, and sport activities.
  9. The most appropriate materials will be chosen for you based on your weight and activities.
  10. Foot wear will be discussed with you to make sure that the your custom foot orthotic will fit properly inside your shoe.
  11. The prescription is sent to the orthotic laboratory along with you 3 dimensional casts of both of your feet.
  12. Dispensing of the custom foot orthotic that includes an explanation of the break in process.
  13. Follow up visits to modify the custom foot orthotic if required.

How long will my custom foot orthotics last?

You custom foot orthotic should last at least 3 years give or take 1 year. There are a number of factors that will decide how long a custom foot orthotic will last such as:

  1. Some materials used to fabricate your custom foot orthotic wear out faster than other materials.
  2. For instance is your custom foot orthotic shell rigid plastic, cork or a soft EVA?
  3. Is your custom foot orthotic being used everyday or is it used for a specific activity like running?
  4. The intensity of your activity may deform or flatten the materials much faster.
  5. Is your custom foot orthotic being used under extreme conditions?
  6. In some cases, the top covers on your custom foot orthotic will wear out prematurely if the intensity your activity is high or if you have excessively sweaty feet which may breakdown the top cover.

Do you deal directly with my extended health insurance company to get reimbursed for the cost of my custom foot orthotic?

The simple answer is no.

For this reason, please make sure that you have extended health benefits for your custom foot orthotic before you decide to go ahead and order your custom foot orthotic. Normally the whole cost of the custom foot orthotic is paid for in advance of receiving the custom foot orthotic. We provide you with all of the necessary documentation for you to get reimbursed by your extended health insurance company.
The extended health insurance companies expect you to pay in full for your custom foot orthotic before you get reimbursed.
You may also need a prescription from you family doctor for your custom foot orthotic device. Some insurance companies will accept the prescription from a chiropodist or podiatrist.
Please check with your benefits department of your employer or the insurance company for the exact amount of your custom foot orthotic benefit. The custom foot orthotic benefit may depend on the type of extended health benefit policy your employer has purchased from a insurance company.
Your employer can choose from two types extended health benefit plans.

  1. Your employer can buy an extended health benefit insurance policy from the insurance company to cover the health costs of their employees. For example, the level of insurance reimbursement may cover the actual cost of the custom foot orthotic. Or the level of reimbursement may be well below the actual cost of your custom foot orthotic.
  2. Your employer may have decided to self fund the health benefits for their employees and arrange for a insurance company to administer the benefits. This option is much cheaper for the employer. The level of reimbursement will be well below the actual cost of the custom foot orthotic.